Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Keeping Quality Prints

Epson has made home printing ever so reliable and in demand. Most companies have provided and urged themselves to have an Epson printer. Actually there are five special components that make up good catalog printing. These are the ink, paper, driver, cartridge and the inkjet head.

Epson produces their own inks which work perfectly for Epson printers. Inks are the most important in printing. Epson manufactures two kinds of inks which are the pigment and the dye. The chief executive of Epson said that it has a durable quality that makes printing inks refine and with high quality. The pigment ink is very responsible for long keeping inks long lasting and hard-wearing. The dye ink is very appropriate for colors and it is very ideal for use in most full colored printing.

Using other inks may not keep you satisfied at all. If you are going to mix non-genuine inks to Epson ink, that is not a good idea after all. In fact, if you mix them up together, the printer might cause to clog the nozzles then you won’t achieve the prints you really wanted.