Thursday, August 25, 2005

Catalog Printing Points to Ponder on

Catalog printing might cause some discomfort to your pockets but there are some valuable ways to keep your budget safe and avoid the rush of printing delays. Delays and deadlines are the most common problem of most printing companies but there are effective and simple ways to deal with it.

As most recommended by printing companies, the web press can print faster than the sheet fed press. But although web press is faster, it requires more work to set it up. This type of printing is very advantageous for large quantity prints that may be as low as 5,000 will be worth it.

With regards to pages, you can set it up to 32 pages for which goes for the standard format and 64 pages for the digest format. Printing with the use of eight-unit web press will cut your time with printing. This will allow you to double your prints and you will never be rushing for a deadline. The standard four-to-six-unit web press type can only print a number of 16 pages in the standard format. In order to reach the maximum outputs, you will need to use the 60# or even lighter basis weight stock to maintain it.

Quantity and quality goes together to keep up good catalogs. Remember that you should give your customers a lasting impression.