Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Best Catalog Printing Methods

Catalogs are typically presented or processed in many different ways. Catalog printing depends upon the availability of the materials and equipments for use. It can also be based upon the comfort and easiness of the printer and the user as well.

The first is the Web Press which is type of offset press which utilizes rolls of paper rather than making use of sheets of paper. This type of printing is very convenient in many types of printing categories. Web Press is divided into two types such as the heat-set and the cold-set.

The heat-set Web Press is most commonly used in magazine types of printing. This is said to be the standard catalog printing method. This method is controlled by a heating unit which is responsible for drying the printed ink when it is released and spread on paper. This type of press is capable of printing at high speeds.

The cold-set press does not have a heating unit so the printed ink must dry naturally by air. This printing is limited to uncoated paper and surfaces. This allows only printing on uncoated paper since it does not have any heating unit to let the inks dry.

The Sheet-Fed-Press is a method which follows the traditional press printing. But among the three press methods, this type is the finest and the sharpest when it comes to catalog printing. The great advantage is that this can print on wider formats of paper.